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Bartek Trzos

Bartek Trzos

Fitness Coach and Bodybuilder


Lifestyle Coach

Personal Trainer

Meal Plan Creator

Fitness Mentor

Fitness Friend

Fitness made as easy as possible

Dedicated to helping people change their life through customized fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Every aspect is customized for your needs and wants. Any goal is obtainable through proper preparation.

bio and experience

I moved to Marshall, West Virginia 15 years ago from Europe to explore my dream of being a world-class bodybuilder and fitness mentor. After graduating college with a degree in nutrition, I moved to Pigeon Forge ,TN, bought a house and added my dog Turbo to the team. Each day I live to train others and myself to get one step closer to my dream of being Mr. Olympia. I love training with my bodybuilding team to gain industry knowledge daily and use those techniques to help others achieve their fitness goals. 

When you hire me, you don’t just hire a quick personal trainer, you hire a COACH, MENTOR, AND FRIEND who will be with you from start to finish. Short-term or long-term, I’am available anytime for questions. I stand by my methods and will even guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you follow the plan and don’t see results, the next month is on us! You won’t see very many trainers saying this.


my transformation

You must practice what you preach. See where I started verses where I am today from using my techniques and striving to achieve the goals I set for myself 15 years ago. Never look back, always look forward!

the Approach

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, increase muscle or gain overall fitness and health, you’re covered. Through years of bodybuilding, I have uncovered proven secrets to achieve any goal, and how to tap into each area for mind-blowing results. Fitness should be fun, not a chore!


Personal Training

Increase your comfort in the gym

Break through plateaus quickly

Learn proper form and techniques

Understand the different equipment

Accountability through 1 on 1 sessions



Premade Workouts for your goals

No second guessing your plan

We do the technical work

Adjusted for your goals as needed

Tried and true methods that work


custom Meal Plans

Based on foods you like

Lifestyle change not a diet

Changes with your goals

Eating schedule for easy planning

We think, you eat! Nom,nom,nom

the final step

In order to create the best plan for you, a series of questions were created to better understand your desired results. Fill out the questionnaire, take measurements, and pictures (Front, back and both sides) and your done. We make your plan and help in every step along the way. At anytime you need a change just let us know and we will make the change.